Addy Awards dazzle wildly with Columbus ‘MadMen’

I admit, I may have gone a little wild at the ADDY Awards.

It’s the yearly gathering of our city’s brightest and most innovative figures in creative work, the Oscars of advertising’s ‘MadMen‘ and women.

It was perhaps not the best decision, on my part, to drink a bottle of Cab on the Columbus Commons, call an Uber and show up to the Bluestone in a fur and floor-length Aiden Mattox ball gown. Then again, we all take chances on things we could regret. And I’m surprised to report I kept myself low key. Kind of.

Calming my excitement was difficult! The ADDYs are an undeniably glam event. Between cashing in drink tickets and roasting marshmallows on an open flame s’mores bar, Columbus’s most clever creatives posed for pics courtesy of Matt Reese.

Directors, photographers, writers and designers swapped compliments over Bulleit at the bar. Seemingly every local agency came out to celebrate, to give applause to the arts and advertising industry that has come to hallmark life in the 614.

The ADDYs are organized by The American Advertising Federation, the oldest national advertising trade association in the nation. It’s an organization run by a committee with both Don Draper determinedness and Joan Holloway looks. Advertising is very a sexy business, built on both looks and sincere ingenuity. The ADDY Awards showcase all of the sexiness that Columbus brings to the branding scene. You’ll want to buy what these people are selling, trust me.

“Part of what makes our city unique is the number of successful brands that got their start in Columbus,” said ADDY chairwoman Ann Oliver. “We’re fortunate to have a thriving creative community that continues to put Columbus on the map as an advertising industry powerhouse.”

The Best of Show Award, the greatest honor of the night, went of course to something to do with cats. Resource/Ammirati’s Tidy Cats Kitten Week campaign scooped up this prize for their hilarious video series which stylistically parodies shows like Shark Week and Ghost Hunters.

Gold or Silver ADDYs were also presented to the following groups: Alliance Data/Creative Communications Group, Bonfire Red, CWT Interactive, Fahlgren Mortine, Fechtor Advertising, Fine Citizens, GSW, Ibel Agency, LaineGabriel, Longstride, Mills James, Ologie, Origo Branding Company, Pixel Park, Resource/Ammirati, Ron Foth Advertising, S77, SBC Advertising, Spacejunk and The Catholic Foundation.

The awards were pre-judged by advertising executives from Boston, New York City and Richmond, flown into to witness for themselves the momentous and impressive advertising industry which contributes invaluably to our city both in spirit and in profit.

Students are honored at the ADDYs as well, CCAD’s Jordan Hetzer and Jonathan Yurek were both given the Student Best of Show Award for their entry, Musee du Louvre Advertising Campaign.

“Part of our city’s strong creative culture comes from the exceptional colleges and universities we have in Central Ohio,” says AAF Columbus President Alessandro Ciaffoncini. “For this reason, AAF Columbus has always had a long-standing relationship with CCAD, working together to offer opportunities to get students on a path to building a strong future and career in the creative industry.”

The ADDYs aren’t simply a celebration of individual success. They’re a commemoration of Columbus, our talents and achievements as makers, movers, shakers and inventors.

The ADDYs, slick and alluring in ceremony, remind us that we live in one of the best cities in the world to make our art seen and our ideas heard on the grand global scale.


The 2014 ADDY Awards were held at the Bluestone before a crowd of 400 individuals.  MC’ed by Doug Lessells, the ADDY Awards recognized the best creative and digital work from the 2014 year. The Best in Show Winner for the evening was Resource: Building Open Brands, along with Judge’s Choice Winners, Mills James Productions and Ologie. This year garnered 450 entries— a 38 percent increase from the previous year. 


Photography courtesy Matt Reese. Contact at 614-636-2003 or go to:

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