Alternative Fashion Mob: Fabulous Greiff Finale With Ensemble Bentivegna Images

Alternative Fashion Mob: Fabulous Greiff Finale With Ensemble Bentivegna Images

The Alternative Fashion Mob‘s recent fabulous runway finale certainly will open many new doors for the models, designers, makeup artists and stylists.

Because of the AFM, fashion in Columbus will never be the same and we can all look forward to a further evolving scene. There were so many talented individuals involved, it seemed inevitable that important contributors would be overlooked.

Well, Now It’s Dark, in a real attempt to provide credit where credit is due, brings real clarity (as usual) — In addition to Ria Greiff’s review, check out Tony Bentivegna’s magnificent photos accompanied by detailed descriptions of everyone involved.

Now, onward to the story, faithful ones.

It was raining and bone chilling cold outside, not a day you would expect to encounter at the end of April. But because the Alternative Fashion Week finale was sold out, even unpredictable weather couldn’t keep the crowd away. Everyone was way too inspired and excited.

The AFM held the Grande Event in the top floor space at the Columbus Idea Foundry, managing to transform the ultra industrial and rustic area into a divine affair.

There were lovely catered finger food items from Bleu and Fig, servers walking about with trays of cans of PBR for a buck and a lovely bar of flavored punches to kick off the VIP preparty. Folks were milling about finding their seats and enjoying their refreshments unsuspecting of what was going on downstairs.

As mentor, it was my job to make sure that models were comfortable while helping the designers prepare their show for the road — the call to head up to the stage. It got pretty hectic with 12 designers with ten looks and hair and makeup folks for 100 models. There were hair pieces, hand-made coutoure assemblages, parts of make-up everywhere and tons of product all around. One can only describe that environment and the creations being made as a “visual feast.”

When the time came, models were lined up and given a brief pep speech and cat walk instructions before heading back upstairs to a much larger group, as general admission participants were now in the building as well. You could hear the anticipation mounting and the exhuberation was almost like cackling lightning all around.

The models deserved commendation, spending their entire day getting prepared, enduring countless rehearsals and dress fitting sessions all on volunteered time. An explicit example of real fortitude and an honest belief in the overarching AFM mission.

The Mobsters themselves, Kelli, Rachael, Jefferey, Amee, Justin and Troy always seemed to be cool and collected no matter what pressure they were faced with. Together with newer additions such as Regan, Paula, Adrianne and others, they possessed a machine that hummed and purred seamlessly.

Having said that, I must retire as a presence in that force as they have clearly grown into a place where my services are no longer needed. It is time for me to move on but I will be forever grateful for the experiences and the fun had in the role of Model Mentor. My agenda going forward includes Now It’s Dark, the upcoming Fashion Meets Music Festival and FMMF Magazine that will demand much of my time and energy.

Speaking of moving — all the designers Jefferey Steele, Madison Hall, Dakota Green, La-Neka Richards, Kelli Martin, Jessica Driscoll, Keyona Gore, Tabitha Abney, Katelyn McClain, Kathryn Hubble, Ester Hall and Brianne Jeanette are movers and shakers — you will be seeing more of them in the near future.

Content by Ria Greiff and Breck J. Hapner

Photography by Tony Bentivegna

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