CCAD Senior Fashion Show Exceeds Expectations, Touting Lovely Models, Fresh Designs

CCAD Senior Fashion Show Exceeds Expectations, Touting Lovely Models, Fresh Designs

The recent CCAD Senior Fashion Show exceeded everyone’s expectations, touting lovely runway models adorned with fresh student designs, possessing the look and feel of an evolving, mature fashion exposition.

Things have certainly changed for the Columbus College of Art & Design.

For quite a long while, the garments made by seniors were part of a student exhibition. Eventually, it grew into a runway event held in CCAD’s auditorium and students’ family members were invited to attend as part of commencement weekend celebrations.

A couple of years later, local fashion and retail employers were invited to the show to scout local talent. In 2007, the event was converted to a fundraiser that included brunch and a runway show held on the Limited Brands campus — it was relocated back to CCAD in 2009.

Now the event is a full-on professional show, anchored by L Brands — you know, the people who put on the Victoria’s Secret world-famous runway show. As a result, the crew at CCAD too has catapulted themselves into a fashion juggernaut, bringing esteemed sponsors such as Easton, Express, Macy’s, Nationwide, Huntington and Justice & Brothers.

The venue and decor were super classy, professional and second to none, delighting more than 500 attendees.

The VIP rooms contained the party, chock full of fashion enthusiasts and big time players grooving to DJ Rainer Ziehm with dance floor support assisting the many guests.

The VIP Lounges, sponsored by Abercrombie & Fitch and Polaris Fashion Place, filled up with patrons who arrived early to enjoy champagne and hors d’oeuvres.

Guests also stopped by Couture Sponsor Diamond Cellar to talk about fashionable jewelry.

The show itself was separated from the pre-party and after party so guests could gather, mingle and connect. The pre-party included mannequins adorned with works from the designers in the show.

The VIP guests arrived through a separate entrance, checked in, formed a line and stopped for a photograph.

Two standout changes were the absence of the high-energy videos produced by S77 and instead of carpet on the runway they used macadam.

Another detail worth noting was that for the past three years, the show had embraced the addtion of a “book,” containing photographs of the models highlighting the designers’ clothing, expertly shot by Nick Fancher.

Emcee Kristyn Hartman, from WBNS 10-TV, gave the audience fun facts about the designers while the crowd enjoyed the festive and creative atmosphere.

While waiting for the show to begin, we caught Khola Waddy-Jones wearing Lubna Designs with a turban by Nia Noelle, talking to fashion blogger Candace Read, Executive Director of CMH Fashion Week. Model Mary Sundermeier also said hello.

With spectacular hair and makeup by sponsor Nutur the Salon ready, the event started at 8:45 p.m.

The collections during the ensuing runway all had three to five simple looks and no final walk through for each designer. Each of the editions had a common thread of a pattern and/or material which was mostly typical.

All the models did their simple walk through without a ton of fanfare. The music was loud, fun and seamless without breaks. All this resulted in a no-intermission 45 minute fast-paced, high energy show, more in line with the contemporary genre of runway.

The lingerie collection was one of my faves. Super cute and flouncy. The swimsuits were gorgeous, too. I loved thinking about how to translate these runway looks into actual swimwear. Yilei had wonderfully handcrafted clothing. Gianfranco’s clothing fashioned for mature women was a big hit with the crowd.

A fun moment occurred when one of the designers, Greenblott, came out and took a selfie during his congratulatory walk. Sarah Ribble won the best designer award, foreshadowed by the fact news correspondent Kristyn Hartman was wearing her design.

Columbus CMH Fashion Week President Tommy McClure looked ready for post show interviews as he mingled, while DJ Rainer Ziehm, a partner at S77, stopped and posed for a picture.

During the finale, the designers came out with one model and a bouquet of flowers, no doubt given to them for all their hard work. A true gesture of appreciation for the beauty and talent shown that night.

A great evening for the student designers and Columbus community fashion!

Written by Ria Greiff, Tony Bentivegna and Breck J. Hapner. Photography by Tony Bentivegna


Designer Cassidy Overmeyer with models Gauri Garg and Jess Hess.

Designer Melissa McFadden with models Alexandra Kleman, Sydney Vanhorn and Anna Lisa Erickson.

Designer Cleopatra Slough with models Alissa Sallah, Kat Jennings, Alaina Aylward and Lia Oh.

Designer Sarah Ribble with models Isabella Silveira, Gail Shamon and Alexa Hanna.

Designer Shannon Lindsey with models Shanice Linton and Gabby Giglio.

Designer Allison Quirk with models Marissa Mullen and Jenni Mykrantz.

Designer Ian Greenblott with models Annie Lahue, Hannah Burns and Stephanie Flor.

Designer Haley Behnfeldt with models Jared Sanford, Rebecca Delenski and Brandon Brown.

Designer Lauren Colbert with models Gail Shamon, Thuy Nguyen, Alaina Aylward, Liv Humphrey and Lauren Colbert.

Designer Emma Graves with models Shelby Logan, Kelsey Hammock and Shanice Linton.

Designer Abigail Staley with models Jess Hess, Alexandra Gille and Gauri Garg.

Designer Pavani Kolli with models Alexandra Kleman and Anna Lisa Erickson.

Designer Caroll Jeanne Kern with models Isabella Silveira, Kat Jennings and Alissa Sallah.

Designer Linh Tran with models Thuy Nguyen, Sheldyn Nicholson, Michelle Davis and Stephanie Flor.

Designer May Sleiman with models Shanice Linton and Lauren Metelitz.

Designer Yilei Fu with model Whitney Ransdell.

Designer Gianfranco Di Pietro with models Rebecca Delenski, Jenni Mykrantz and Anna Lisa Erickson.

Designer Huyen Pham with models Alexandra Gille and Chia Hsuan Wei.

Designer Melanie Eiten with models Annie Lahue, Hannah Burns and Stephanie Flor.

Designer Maya O Eigel with models Kayla Davis, Gail Shamon and Liv Humphrey.

Designer Derek Fergusson with models Kelsey Hammock, Shelby Logan, Sheldyn Nicholson and Lauren Metelitz.



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Thanks to Model Trainer Melissa Roshan Potter

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