934 Fest a Proverbial Feast of Art, Food, Music & Merchants

934 Fest a Proverbial Feast of Art, Food, Music & Merchants

So, recently, I attempted to bend the laws of time and space, and be two places at one time. With that goal in mind, I went out and caught both the 2×2 Fest, which you can read about in a different NID Magazine post, and the 934 Fest.

This is the 934 Fest story.

I got to the 934 Fest early. The crowd was light …

934 Fest - crowd 1

… and there was grinding indie rock blaring from the stage.

934 Fest - band 1

Even with the light, early crowd, the vibe was really nice.

934 Fest crowd 2

I had a chance to check out the amazing artwork of Adam Hernandez …

934 Fest Adam Hernandez 1

… with whom I set up an interview at a later date (LOOK FOR IT).

934 Fest Adam Hernandez 2

The folks at 934 seem to have a pretty cool thing going.

934 Fest ban 2

This whole party was a great idea, and I’m sure it helps raise the visibility of the art.

934 Fest artwork1

I have to give props to 934 for plopping an art gallery on Cleveland Avenue.

934 Fest artwork 2

It’s an area ripe for development, and I think it’s cool that they’re taking that risk.

934 Fest artwork 3

It certainly helps that Milo Arts …

934 Fest artwork 4

… home to some of Columbus’ most promising and accomplished artists, is right in its back yard.

934 Fest Milo Arts

After a couple more bands (for real, the whole day was such a blur of talent that I’m only going to remember a few, ok?) …

934 Fest band 3

… there was suddenly a rip in the time space continuum, and I dipped out of sight.

But I came back…

When I returned to the 934 Fest, it was a whole different story.

The crowd had thickened, the music had picked up intensity, and the party was in full force.

934 Fest band 4

I ran into a couple of my favorite people, Darci Joy and Will Shively, as well as Kris Milesovic and Alicia Vanderelli (whose gallery, The Vanderelli Room, by the way, is hosting a show I’m in through August. Check it out).

One of my favorite bands that I never get to see, Damn the Witch Siren, took the stage and the party hit its climax.

934 Fest Damn the Witch Siren 1

DTWS is a cool electronic band from Columbus …

934 Fest Damn the Witch Siren 2

… with Bobbi Kitten …

934 Fest Damn the Witch Siren 3

… and Z Wolf, trading back and forth between instruments …

934 Fest Damn the Witch Siren 4

… and creating a fun 80’s sort of sexy pop.

934 Fest Damn the Witch Siren 5

Once they wore everybody out …

934 Fest Damn the Witch Siren 6

… it was time for the next band.

Eye was up next.

934 Fest Eye 1

Eye, which is Brandon Smith, Michael Sliclen, Lisa Bella Donna, Jon Finley, were described to me as a mix between Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath …

934 Fest Eye 2

… with a little bit of Deep Purple thrown in. That about sums it up.

934 Fest Eye 3

Starting off really mellow, they kicked it up and took off to places that only they knew they were going, but it was a really fun ride.

934 Fest Eye 4

None of what they do is predictable, and that’a a big part of what makes them awesome.

934 Fest Eye 5

Dedicated to making art happen, the 934 Gallery is a volunteer-operated exhibition space for visual and performing arts. The 934 Fest helped further the gallery’s mission of bringing relevant and engaging arts experiences to the community, while serving as a benefit for continued operation.

NID looks forward to more 934 Fests, working with Executive Director Abby Hartung, all the other cool folks, and stuff that’s happening over there.

Check them out.

Robert Berry

Robert Berry writes reviews, articles and contributes photography for NID Magazine and can be reached at [email protected]