Nightlife Defined.

Whether a searing initial encounter or a warming return to the proverbial fold, NID Magazine has always made an indelible impression with our Midwest audience.  Exposing the often bright and sometimes bruising facets of the nocturnal experience, the NID story is not only thoughtful but dangerous — and what's more — dark.

The movie will begin in five moments, the mindless voice announced. All those unseated will await the next show. We filed slowly, languidly into the hall. The auditorium was vast and silent. 

—Jim Morrison

Darkness for his eyes, all sweet hell, blasts back the trumpet voice, and the velvet dead inch out. 

— Dylan Thomas

[repeated line]  Frank Booth:  Now It's Dark...

And then the young men

Always irreverent and on the cutting edge while embracing new lifestyles, art, film, music, fashion and many more idioms, NID Magazine was first to showcase the best that Nightlife in Columbus and other cities had to offer. Begun in 1999, NID Magazine spearheaded documentation of the developing scene.

NID sustains a firm commitment to be present at high volume marketing points across each city, providing optimum results in reaching your target demographic.  NID demands attention through its diversified distribution to all of your favorite bars, clubs, restaurants, art galleries, theaters, retail venues and many, many more major spots supporting the hospitality and entertainment community.