Amateur MMA Kicks Some Ass At The LC

Amateur MMA Kicks Some Ass At The LC

Now It’s Dark, in its truest sense, takes you ringside for Amateur MMA, kicking some Arnold Sports Festival ass at the LC Pavilion.

Definitely one of the most exciting events of the Arnold in 2015, hundreds of people gathered at the LC to watch an evening of battles filled with up and coming amateur combatants, including local fighters sponsored by the Title Boxing Club.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport using striking and grappling (wrestling) techniques to fight until submission or tapping out, taking place in a ring surrounded by chain link fence. MMA training teaches effective martial arts for real world unarmed combat situations.

When congressional candidate and ring announcer George Phillips stepped into the ring, the energy of the crowd surged.  The LC provided the perfect size venue for this kind of event, giving attendees a great view of the fast paced action.  The bouts consisted of three rounds with breaks in between.

The highly-trained referees were always on top of the action and it was completely clear that night they expediently handled whatever transpired in the cage.

As an added plus, two ladies also went tooth-and-nail:  Watching women fight is just as exciting as men — it would be a mistake to sell them short!

After the bouts, some of the fighters came out to watch and mingle with the crowd, providing a unique opportunity to converse with these great athletes and competitors.

MMA is fast paced, exciting and high energy, the perfect way to get your spirits up for a subsequent night out on the town.

Catch a performance when the next opportunity arises, if you can.

Tony Bentivegna

Tony Bentivegna writes reviews, articles and photographs for NID Magazine and can be reached at [email protected]