Arch City Tavern: Perfect venue to experience the OSU championship game

Arch City Tavern: Perfect venue to experience the OSU championship game

We were on a mission, seeking the Arch City Tavern to soak in the ambiance while watching the OSU championship game. After a bite of tongue at my place, I was escorted by Lou V. into the night. We had the requisite regalia and the proper attitude. We were mystified that campus bars and the Short North seemed quiet. In retrospect, it seemed ironic that tear gas was used later to disperse “unruly, fire-starting crowds.”

However, I then looked forward to watching OSU, my alma mater, play in the “Ducks vs. Bucks” game. Having beaten the number one seed, Alabama Crimson Tide, OSU seeded fourth, landing squarely into the national championship (first championship tournament) versus the Oregon Ducks in Dallas.

Arch City is currently owned by Xhevair Brakaj, who used to be my student at Cstate. He went into business right out of school, a real American success story, buying the Red Roof Tavern with Jim Velio of Jimmy V’s Grill & Pub.  Subsequently, he progressed to owning Arch City and is still killing it now ten years later. Brakaj obviously knew what he was doing as Arch City has been consistently jumping much like Havana used to in the very same spot on the weekends.

We said our hellos walking in, heading to our collective tables and friends. The excellent photog Robert Berry was there sitting with us along with Dave Ranallo, Eric Harter, Kristie Andrew, John and Mandy and more.

Brakaj was calm, cool and collected before the game started. Ever the lake of tranquility! His staff was well trained, courteous and super speedy. The place was loud, raucous and the atmosphere was serious Buckeye Fandom. We overheard that 75 percent of AT & T Stadium was filled with fans who made the trip to root for the Buckeyes.

Style bite: Why do pro players wear their shirt up? Vanity? Cooling off?

Early on, the commentator put on the Brutus mascot hat, indicating he thought the Bucks would win. We reveled and cheered. The first drive was scary but after the beginning hiccup, the Bucks regained their footing, blasting their way into the title of national champs. Way to go Urban… And a big shout out to Arch City, the perfect place to celebrate — GO BUCKS!