Ben Goldfarb

Ben Goldfarb

Associate Editor Ben Goldfarb covers the nightlife, entertainment, and community scenes, writing articles, reviews, and contributing photography.

Anna wise: a feminine act worth watching

Anna Wise: A Feminine Act Worth Watching

Wise is an impressive vocalist who wields her instrument with authority, creating minimalistic and haunting... Read More

Regina spektor: singer, songwriter, storyteller, soviet kitsch

Regina Spektor: Singer, Songwriter, Storyteller, Soviet Kitsch

Since the days of Begin to Hope, Spektor has had a niche, but successful career.... Read More

Mix & shake: an evening at the north market

Mix & Shake: An Evening At The North Market

An annual event, the North Market Mix & Shake, in partnership with the Ohio Distiller's... Read More

Midwest rockers mona debut new ep in columbus

Midwest Rockers MONA Debut New EP In Columbus

NID was present to catch MONA performing live at the Rumba Cafe in Columbus, supporting their... Read More

Columbus crew open the 2017 season

Columbus Crew Open The 2017 Season

Columbus Crew SC is heading into the new year with some new ideas.

Read More
Late night service with black tiger sex machine

Late Night Service With Black Tiger Sex Machine

A BTSM show is a borderline religious experience for all that attend and we at... Read More

Party thieves steal the show

Party Thieves Steal The Show

Party Thieves fresh approach to trap music is stealing more than just the party —... Read More

Paul van dyk 'trances' dahlia

Paul Van Dyk 'Trances' Dahlia

The beautiful vocals and twinkling synths were euphoric. While it allowed us a respite, Van... Read More

Navigating love on the dance floor

Navigating Love On The Dance Floor

We are all looking for Love. Musicians sing about it, writers write about it, and... Read More

Label me lecter lives up to the name

Label me Lecter Lives Up To The Name

Their name is a derivative of the saying "Call me crazy" which I am sure... Read More

Griz: show love, spread love

GRiZ: Show Love, Spread Love

The perpetual pioneer of good vibes Griz has made it his mission this year to... Read More

Reinvention and reimagination with seven lions

Reinvention And Reimagination With Seven Lions

Sometimes you encounter something vastly different that reinvents and reimagines what it means to make... Read More