Eli Rousculp

Eli Rousculp

Eli Rousculp writes reviews, articles and photographs for NID Magazine.

Catching up with trance legends cosmic gate

Catching Up With Trance Legends Cosmic Gate

NID Magazine recently had the opportunity to interview legendary dance duo Cosmic Gate before they... Read More

Osu buckeye spring game is about to go off

OSU Buckeye Spring Game Is About To Go Off

This year there will be a lot of interesting things to look out for.

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It's chill, but never cold in miami

It's Chill, But Never Cold In Miami

NID decided we had to get out of town for an extended holiday before the... Read More

Elephante remixes do not disappoint

Elephante Remixes Do Not Disappoint

Boasting seven tracks in total, the remix package infuses deep house, future bass, electro, and... Read More

Meet enzo siragusa

Meet Enzo Siragusa

Enzo still holds true to many of the aspects of 90’s UK rave culture that... Read More

Have you heard about swank?

Have You Heard About Swank?

Swank happens every third Saturday at the Big Room Bar on Front Street, just south... Read More

Leboom featuring boombox cartel ravages skully's

LeBOOM featuring Boombox Cartel Ravages Skully's

LeBOOM, a monthly Columbus event hosted by My Best Friend's Party and Disco Donnie Presents,... Read More

Big gigantic: the photo gallery

Big Gigantic: The Photo Gallery

NID Magazine was on the scene to witness Big Gigantic, brought by Prime Social Group... Read More

Big gigantic funks up the bluestone

Big Gigantic Funks Up The Bluestone

Inhabitants of The Bluestone experienced some serious electronic funk filled with melodic house, bass, and... Read More

Haunted fest: is this real life?

Haunted Fest: Is This Real Life?

Haunted Fest 2016 was a sight to behold. The ravers were really out in full force,... Read More

Happy birthdayy celebration at cafe bourbon street

Happy Birthdayy celebration at Cafe Bourbon Street

It was a snowy, bleak, wintry Thursday, but that didn’t stop people from making... Read More

Shel shocked: an evening of silverstein

Shel Shocked: An Evening Of Silverstein

“Shel Shocked,” a show presented by JT “Chops” Walker and Brent “Blam” Lambert of Shadowbox... Read More