Kelly Rousculp

Kelly Rousculp

Kelly writes reviews and contributes articles to NID Magazine.

Technicolor – a joseph editions exhibition from artists derrick adams and mike nemire

Technicolor – a Joseph Editions exhibition from artists Derrick Adams and Mike Nemire

Joseph Editions presents Technicolor, an exhibition of new editions by New York based artist Derrick... Read More

Craft beer and yearning for spring cheer

Craft Beer and Yearning for Spring Cheer

I’m no Debbie downer. I’m not a negative or pessimistic person. I just happen to... Read More

Buckeyes, ezekiel elliot goes old testament on the ducks

BUckeyes, Ezekiel Elliot Goes Old Testament On The Ducks

Undisputed Champions. Talk About a Storied Season.

Read More
Actual brewing: fred lee reveals craft secrets

Actual Brewing: Fred Lee Reveals Craft Secrets

Fred Lee is a boisterous, bearded fellow, who is hard to miss. Appropriately, Actual Brewing’s... Read More

Craft beer conundrum solved, sweeties

Craft beer conundrum solved, sweeties

While these classic conundrums can slip me up from time to time, they are no... Read More