Tony Bentivegna

Tony Bentivegna

Tony Bentivegna writes reviews, articles and photographs for NID Magazine and can be reached at

Columbus symphony orchestra happy hour a musically glowing, magical journey with ‘firebird’

Columbus Symphony Orchestra Happy Hour a Musically Glowing, Magical Journey with ‘Firebird’

The Columbus Symphony Orchestra‘s recent Ohio Theatre Happy Hour provided patrons a musically glowing, magical... Read More

Motive’s mantra: sexy, svelte, socially motivated artistic forum growing with community

Motive’s Mantra: Sexy, Svelte, Socially Motivated Artistic Forum Growing with Community

I joined more than 100 people at Vue to experience Motive — tailored for the... Read More

Balletmet’s cinderella opens with amazing artistry, beautiful power at capital theatre

BalletMet’s Cinderella Opens With Amazing Artistry, Beautiful Power at Capital Theatre

BalletMet’s Cinderella premier exploded onto the stage with amazing artistry and beautiful power at the... Read More

Amateur mma kicks some ass at the lc

Amateur MMA Kicks Some Ass At The LC

Amateur MMA in one of Columbus' best venues.

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Park street complex 'make it fit' fundraiser wields 'olympian' guns for charity

Park Street Complex 'Make It Fit' Fundraiser Wields 'Olympian' Guns For Charity

Two Mr. Olympia champions, one good cause.

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