Beats Antique Music A Celebration Of Diversity

Beats Antique Music A Celebration Of Diversity

Beats Antique has been resurrecting, extrapolating, and sampling musical styles from the past century, infusing their sound with Middle Eastern belly dance, hip-hop, jazz, afro-beat, electronic, and other forms.

Incorporating many eclectic live instruments on stage, the members comprising Beats Antique are masters of musical diversity, mining a celebrated past in order to create their visceral and highly original assemblages of sound.

We at NID Magazine can tell you — you won't hear music like this often. Beats Antique dumps any allegiance to current slickly over-produced pop forms, creating a new form of tribal substance-based musical post-modernism for the 21st-century.

Following the release of “Shadowbox,” their newest album, the band set out on a national tour and we at NID were in the front row at Bogart's Music Hall in Cincinnati to check out their worldly theatrics and… well… beats.

For those unfamiliar, the main instrumentation for the group is done by two men. David Satori, and Tommy “Sidecar” Cappel.

Sidecar Tommy held down the drums while Satori and a guest supplied us with ample amounts of keys, violin, and various horns and wind instruments.

Electronic samples ran through Ableton filled out the space, creating the unique fusion of sounds for which Beats Antique has become known. Everyone's favorite belly dancer, Zoe Jakes, even stepped in to provide some explosive bass drum on a few tracks.

At the front of the stage was an extremely entertaining trio of ladies, led by Zoe, adding layers upon layers to the ever-expanding visual element of the show. There was rhythmic dancing, shadow-play, balancing acts, acts of contortion, and even a fight with a massive inflatable dragon.

Spoiler Alert: Beats Antique won. From the very first seconds of the show we were enchanted, as Jakes glided across the pitch dark stage with a ball of emanating light. A direct reference to the Shadowbox cover art.

So, how do we draw comparisons to their sound? As we pointed out, it's hard to pin this band down. We'd describe it as if the Beatles, at their most Eastern sounding, decided to try their hand at electronic music.

Regardless of what category you try to put them into, they are a spectacle to behold and truly belong in a division all their own.

Make sure to check out their Soundcloud for some tasty ear-hole candy, and don't skip over the particularly funny music video for their newest single Killer Bee.

It'll be worth your while.

We would also like to thank Bogart's, as they were a pleasure to visit, and masters at purveying the madness that is a Beats Antique performance.

The Bogart's Music Hall crowd was pumped for Beats Antique. Time to relax with some great music. Waiting for the next song. The gang's together at Bogart's. That is one cool hat. Let's make this night a good one. Those beers look tasty. Hanging during the Beats Antique show. Beats Antique is a favorite.

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