Big Gigantic Funks Up The Bluestone

Big Gigantic Funks Up The Bluestone

Inhabitants of The Bluestone got the funk down last night with the help of Big Gigantic and support. Big G dropped in with reinforcement from bass house aficionado Illenium and house head extraordinaire, Camden Levine.

The unlikely band of brothers seemed an interesting combination at first, but I soon warmed up to the idea as they each respectively filled the place with some melodic house, bass, and sexy sax throughout the night.

Camden Levine is all about the music.

You see a lot of DJs these days use what I like to call the “Aoki method” to put on a show, focusing more on working the crowd than on the music that they’re creating — this is definitely not the case with Camden.

An up and coming DJ, Levine has made a name for himself with his inventive remixes, and the fact that he spreads the love around different varieties of house music with expertise beyond his age.

At this point I’ve got to give a shout out to The Bluestone lighting designer of the night.

While the lights were mostly programmed for Big Gigantic’s performance, during the opening set, this light board master was manually controlling every. single. light. I don’t know if this is a common practice among touring acts or not, but either way it was extremely impressive to see the man’s fingers flying around the light board to create an impressive display to match Levine’s music.

Illenium played a surprisingly diverse set, incorporating drum pads and synth to add depth to his already impressive mixes.

While known for his fresh take on melodies and bass, Illenium’s set would approach a near abysmal depth before swinging right back into beautifully calming tropical house. He played some of the heaviest as well as most beautiful tracks I have ever heard, and expertly navigated us through both a melodic heaven and hell.

After Illenium left the stage, and what seemed like an eternity of waiting, Dom and Jeremy took to the stage donning their matching BG jerseys. This seemed even more appropriate considering the event took place during game seven of the World Series. Most in attendance, however, were not even slightly bothered by the fact that they were missing history in the making.

They were far too busy witnessing world class electronic music taking over The Bluestone.

Dom’s ability to make people move with that saxophone is unbelievable.

It’s made even more impressive by the fact that he was simultaneously controlling the tracks, and laying out synth/pad work like a fucking wizard.

Jeremy was the definition of solid.

On top of being an extremely talented musician, his stage presence was excellent despite being confined to the drums.

Presented by Prime Social Group, the brand of music that Big Gigantic brought to the table was more than enough to sate our nightly desires.

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Dom lays out the synth/pad work like a wizard. The crowd isn't suffering at all. A shout out from Big Gigantic. An incredible landscape. Jeremy is the definition of rhythm. Some electronic jazz, people. A sensory immersion into another world. Big Gigantic pumps it up.
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