Catching Up With Trance Legends Cosmic Gate

Catching Up With Trance Legends Cosmic Gate

The legendary trance dance duo Cosmic Gate stopped by and had a chat with NID Magazine before taking the stage at Dahlia in Columbus recently. Here is what they had to say...

Cosmic Gate - Dahlia crowd

How are you guys liking Columbus so far?

We love it. It is our fourth time in Columbus actually, but it’s always a really good crowd here. We are building on a history, but we always have a really good time when we come here. We started playing at Sway when we first came to town, but this will be our second time now at Dahlia.

It goes without saying that you guys have been around the block quite a few times. How long exactly have you been making music together?

As far as we go, we have been doing Cosmic Gate for 20 years now. It’s unbelievable. That is 20 years of straight touring. We will have a couple weekends off here and there, but [touring] is pretty much a constant thing ... And maybe we are weird, but we love it.

It never crosses our mind to take time off. We are so used to playing every weekend. One weekend off is good ... but any longer, we start itching to play again. Some people start to get homesick, but this is our home.

Cosmic Gate - Dahlia performing onstage

20 years is a long time … I don't think a lot of the U.S. audience has even been around that long. Electronic music has been popular for a long time overseas. But, how do the U.S. and European scenes differ? It took us a few years to catch on over here, but it really exploded, has that been felt across the world?

As soon as the U.S. scene grew large enough, its influence was felt around the world, both in good and bad ways, in our opinion. The U.S. commercialized the scene pretty fast. The development of EDM and trap, for example, are a result of it. DJs that are more entertainers than real DJs came along with it as well. Enough about the negative sides, though.

Cosmic Gate publicity shot

On the other hand of course, with the power and size of the U.S. market, the wave has gone all over the world. Dance music, if we want to call it that, got a second wave after obviously reaching its peak in Europe ... It seems the U.S. market is now diversifying more.

The market is cleaning itself up a bit after the bubble turned maybe too big. This is good, though. Things will hopefully go back to real clubbing for real music lovers.

Can't argue there. Well, thanks for the insight. Have a good show and catch you guys next time!

Cosmic Gate - Dahlia stage shot

And just as they predicted, it was indeed a "really incredible crowd." NID danced for hours as Nic and Bossi filled Dahlia with positive energy and brain-tingling trance.

This was another example of how true professionals, who are promulgating their life's work, have an immeasurable effect upon the scene. Cosmic Gate has fostered the respect of the past while clearly outlining a pathway toward the future.

Moving forward, there is more to come, and certainly more to experience from Cosmic Gate.

Stay tuned.

Eli Rousculp

Eli Rousculp writes reviews, articles and photographs for NID Magazine.