CSCC Provides A Taste of the Future

CSCC Provides A Taste of the Future

Taste the Future is a showcase of Central Ohio’s best in food and culinary skills, serving as a fundraiser to support student success at Columbus State. Amazing chefs from around the community shared their remarkable talents to a crowd of over 1,250 guests.

With major sponsorship from CardinalHeath, Lbrands Foundation, the American Culinary Federation Columbus Chapter, and Giant Eagle Market District, Taste the Future has become an important Columbus culinary event.

The president of Columbus State, David T. Harrison, kicked off the event, which exceeded its goal, raising $220,000 this year with an increase year over year of $35,000.

Taste the Future 2016 - David T Harrison

David T. Harrison

Starting with Farmers Market …

Taste the Future 2016 - Farmers Market

Kha Huynh, Josh Cristina, Chris Hinkley, Terri Engel

… the presentation was colorful and the food tasty. Believe me, everyone was hungry.

Taste the Future 2016 - food

The Hilton Columbus at Polaris …

Taste the Future 2016 - Hilton Columbus at Polaris

Hilton Columbus at Polaris

… came through with the most amazing thick cut bacon …

Taste the Future 2016 - bacon

… but it took a few samples to be completely convinced, and with food tasting it’s extremely important to get the complete experience.

The Gallerie Bar & Bistro …

Taste the Future - Gallerie Bar  Bistro - Bill Glover

Executive Chef Bill Glover

… served up an exotic spicy tuna dish. Executive Chef Bill Glover explained it is made with fennel kimchi puree, pickeled beech mushrooms, rice noodles, cherry bomb radish, sweet soy, pearl onion brûlée …

aste the Future - Gallerie Bar  Bistro - Toggarashi

… and Togarashi, a great dish to share …

Taste the Future 2016 - Ray Gladys Jones

Ray Gladys Jones

So much good food might make you feel like you’re seeing double, but in this case, it is twins Windy and Misty Day supporting sponsor The Wasserstrom Company.

Taste the Future 2016 - Windy  Misty Day

Windy & Misty Day

City Barbecue is definitely a local favorite, featuring perfect pull pork, macaroni and cheese, and delicious lemonade with fresh strawberries.

Taste the Future - City Barbecue

The crew from Made From Scratch served up samples …

Hot Chicken Takeover is super “hot” right now, and just as tasty.

Taste the Future 2016 - Hot Chicken Takeover

Cam Williams

And then there was Barcelona, with an exquisite spiced feta, creme brulee, and strawberry dish made and served. Barcelona has reputation for great food and lived up to it.

Lindey’s pull out all the stops. Great food, sharp staff, beautiful presentation.

Taste the Future - Lindeys

A class act that clearly prepared for this event. Mixing a colorful paint pallet, with tasty perfectly balanced shrimp appetizers — yes that’s a winner.

Taste the Future - Lindeys02

Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center seemed to have something to prove because the presentation was unique …

Taste the Future 2016 - Wexner Medical Center

… and the deconstructed Cajun shrimp and polenta appetizer was easily one of the best dishes of the night. It was made with blackened shrimp, andouille sausage on polenta cake with burgundy sauce, friend okra strings, fennel greens, and Louisiana remoulade.

Taste the Future 2016 - Wexner Medical Center

Brewer’s Yard Bistro at Kroger — yes they had the best tasting steak at the event. BEST. Cooked to perfection and lightly accompanied. It was wonderful.

Taste the Future 2016 - Kroger steak

In Columbus, the Refectory has a reputation for fine French cuisine. The rosemary chocolate ganache palet with almond joconde and bergamot sauce was smooth, sweet and the right combination of heavenly flavor. It might be the perfect desert.

Taste the Future 2016 - Refectory rosemary chocolate ganache palet

Brands had fun flavor injection donuts that allowed guest to pick a donut, and then an injectable flavoring added to it for unique combinations.

Taste the Future 2016 - L Brands donuts

Middle West Spirits served up OYO whiskey, and vodka drinks.

Taste the Future - Middle West Spirits

The Mahi Mahi Tacos at Rusty Bucket were fantastic. Overall, the food and drink artistry was unexpectedly fun and interesting.

Taste the Future 2016 - Rusty Bucket Mahi Mahi tacos

Taste the Future attendees enjoyed over 50 central Ohio restaurants, clubs and caterers.

Taste the Future 2016 - Alex and Rebecca Daskalova

Alex and Rebecca Daskalova

Live music, award winning food artists.

Taste the Future 2016 - Todd Reed Kim Bercovitz Donica Key and Board Member and event Organizer Keith Key

Todd Reed, Kim Bercovitz, Donica Key, and Board Member/event Organizer Keith Key

This is the place to experience the best Columbus food in one night.

Tony Bentivegna

Tony Bentivegna writes reviews, articles and photographs for NID Magazine and can be reached at