Design by Gerardo Encinas Design by Joan's Bridal Couture Fashions by Gerardo Encinas CCIM8 Models Model before the CCIM8 step & repeat Columbus Creative Industry Mixer8 DJ Columbus Creative industry Mixer8 Model in White Columbus Creative Industry Mixer8 Model in Black CCIM8 Model Line up Chas Ray Krider and Kris Misevski. The event gets busy at the Muse Gallery. Chas Ray Krider adorns the gallery walls. The performance gets underway. The artist and muse. A successful opening. Within sight, Chas Ray Krider. The spoken word experience. Artists collaborating on a new missive. Listen to the words of enlightenment. The joy in real communication. The Dean Collection Lewis Hamilton Breezy Dotson, Coco Dotson Swizz Beatz, A$AP Rocky A$AP Rocky, Swizz Beatz Chanel Iman, Swizz Beatz