GRiZ: Show Love, Spread Love

GRiZ: Show Love, Spread Love

Griz makes it work. It seems like everywhere you look nowadays, there is some sort of drama. Another shooting happened here, another act of corruption there. But there is light in the dark, my friends.

The perpetual pioneer of good vibes, Grant Kwiecinski, better known as Griz, made it his mission this year to fix the world … or at least do his part. Griz not only released a fantastic new album, but set out on a North American tour as well, to spread the word.

The fourth studio album, aptly named Good Will Prevail, features more collaborations than a mid-2000s rap record, and it’s disgustingly good.

There are tracks with Big Gigantic, Cherub, Sunsquabi, Artifakts, Brasstracks, and Son Little, all of which funk things up in their own right.

My personal favorite, however, is “My Friends and I” featuring ProbCause. The bass guitar builds up behind chimes, sirens, and vocals — and after some energizing snare rolls, erupts into a sweet mid-range bass growl.

The track is incredibly dynamic, and really high energy.

Needless to say, the entire album will elevate your spirits out of whatever dismay you may be experiencing, and make you want to get the funk down.

I was lucky enough to hear most of these tracks, “My Friends and I” included, when Griz stopped into the Express LIVE! In Columbus.

He even brought along Muzzy Bearr to accompany him on stage the entire night, which was an incredible surprise.

Outside of the new album, he played tons of older tracks, and even some oddities including “Fall in Love Too Fast” from Mad Liberation, a sax and guitar duet of “Something About Us” by Daft Punk … Muzzy Bearr playing guitar, of course.

The best part of the night was when he played out his remix of Aerosmith’s “Dream On.” It’s just one of those songs that is so reflective of Griz’s futuristic-funk style.

It combines new and old — and on a slightly philosophical level, bridges the gaps between demographics, promoting positive thought and encouraging the downtrodden, no matter the age or upbringing, to dream on.

Special Thanks to The Geek x VRV and Haywyre for opening up the night.

Another shoutout to Promowest and Big Hassle for having me out.

GRiZ and Muzzy Bearr Duet. Sexy Sax. Until next time.
Ben Goldfarb

Associate Editor Ben Goldfarb covers the nightlife, entertainment, and community scenes, writing articles, reviews, and contributing photography.