Head Games: Sex, dating and relationships with Maya Jordan

Head Games: Sex, dating and relationships with Maya Jordan

“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”
Oscar Wilde

Editor’s note: In the true interest of nightlife, we at Now It’s Dark would like to introduce you to Playboy Radio personality Maya Jordan, who will be contributing her very loquaciously saucy and deliciously uninhibited sex, dating and relationships column for your reading pleasure. Not for the meek. Adventure forth only if you are strong in heart and above all, curious.

Maya is a Midwest-grown former Scores girl turned psychotherapist who coaches men and women on love, hooking up and meeting minds. Her show, Head Games, is featured on Maya is also a regular contributor for The Guardian, Bustle, AskMen, Pop Sugar, Top10AdultDatingSites, and many others. Maya draws insight and applicable experience from her BFA journey in Theater and a MSW in Social Work. You can also catch up with her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Now It’s Dark also wants to thank Columbus painter Joseph Thompson, who will be contributing artwork to the Maya Jordan column. “I have the perfect work for patrons who favor the nocturnal,” Thompson says, “… and perhaps the cerebral and sensual as well.” For more Now It’s Dark JT Thompson, click here. You may also contact JT at for more information.

We at Now It’s Dark can’t say enough good things about Maya and we definitely see a model shoot happening in the future. So, are you ready?

Maya Jordan - Now Its Dark

Maya Jordan

Are you interested in gaining confidence with beautiful women?

Guys, get into a competitive environment like boxing or weight training and get around other men who are doing the same thing. It will help to instill that extra oomph in you along with some physical presence.

When you own your body in physical terms and know what it is capable of doing on a regular basis, you tend to radiate a stronger sexual vibe. One of confidence and ability. When you’re in competition with other men in physical terms in helps to awaken the warrior within. The archetype that every man possesses that calls him to be his highest version of self. Women sense this like catnip to a kitty. It gets them spirited and happy.

Get well put-together and ask for help from a gay male friend or an ex-girlfriend with a great sense of style who can help coach your personal look. Go shopping with them. Throw out all of the stuff you don’t wear that’s taking up space in your closet.

Maya Jordan - Now Its Dark

Joseph Thompson, “Hard As Steel” 16 x 20″, oil on canvas.

Do a SWOT Analysis, which is an examination of your Strengths, your Weaknesses, your Opportunities, and your Threats.

What makes the SWOT particularly powerful is that, with a little thought, it can help you uncover opportunities that you are well-placed to exploit. And by understanding your weaknesses, you can manage and eliminate threats that would otherwise catch you unawares.

More than this, by looking at yourself and your competitors using the SWOT framework, you can start to craft a strategy that helps you distinguish yourself from your competitors, so that you can compete successfully in your individual market.

If you want your market to be hot chicks, you’d better eliminate as much risk as possible from your SWOT and enhance your strengths. Beautiful women, on the whole, gravitate toward strong men.

Maya Jordan - Now Its Dark

Maya Jordan

Know what you’re marketing. If you have great legs, if you have a tight ass; if you make a great deal of money, if you have a job you love; if you have a passionate nature, an appreciation for beauty; if you’re fabulous in bed, and have an enormous cock that you know how to wield. If you are a great parent, possess a great sense of humor, are the life of the party, have a piercing sense of intellectuality, worship sports, know fine wines, speak multiple languages, etc… Whatever it is that you glean from your SWOT Analysis – bring it to the table to represent who you are in larger life.

When you know who you are and what you are about, you are able to enhance the lives of others, including gorgeous chicks.

Go to a strip club. A classy place like Scores Columbus, not a dive bar. Talk to the girls who work there – the bartenders, the cocktail waitresses, the dancers. Practice interacting with gorgeous girls on a regular basis and then take that knowledge with you into normal vanilla bars when you approach girls with infinitely more clothing on.

Harness the self-knowledge you gained in your SWOT analysis and work it, boy! Market what you’ve got!

Maya Jordan - Now Its Dark

Joseph Thompson, “Medusa” 4 x 3′, oil on canvas.

Squirting 101

Squirting. Female ejaculation. The ultimate fantasy come true, for many of us. A source of confusion for others.

I was at Club Princeton a few weeks back and was playing with a gorgeous 40 year old who really understood her body and how it worked. She was like a goddamn Porsche she was so responsive. When she squirted, my male partner seemed a little weirded out by it. He actually went so far as to grab her dress, which was lying nearby, and sop up the fluid with it. That brought a lot of laughs to my playmate and I immediately after the fact and for weeks after. Led me to dump his unimaginative ass.

Squirting, to me, is the most complex thing a woman can do sexually. It is something to be celebrated, not sopped up on the sly with a cocktail dress.

So, you’re curious, correct?

How do you get your female partner to squirt, you ask? Well, you stimulate the g-spot and the clit at the same time. I can hear you asking, Is it really that simple, Maya?

Maya Jordan - Now Its Dark

Joseph Thompson, “Oh, So Divine” 16 x 20″, oil on canvas.

Absolutely. Just take a couple of pointers before you go to town:

The best thing you can do is trim your fingernails before doing any of this. Have her lie on her back and put a pillow under her butt.

Use a ton of lube to get her g-spot ready (either water or oil based) and do some oral stimulation on her clit then insert your middle finger and ring finger in a come-hither motion.

Her g-spot is a spongy circular area about two inches deep inside her.  Her front wall will be swelled up due to the liquids building up inside her.  Her g-spot should balloon a little bit.  If she feels the need to urinate — this is normal — what she’s feeling is not pee in fact, it’s something else …

Maya Jordan - Now Its Dark

Joseph Thompson, “Mysterious” 16 x 20″, oil on canvas.

Once you get her g-spot ready you apply clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Rest your palm on her clit, almost cupping it and stroke her g-spot with your fingers inside her. Speed up the movement — go with a max speed that still allows a rhythm to it.

She will then squirt.

What is the fluid? Scientists haven’t really figured it out yet … Female ejaculate has a similar viscosity to pee but is in fact something different. It doesn’t smell like pee — investigate that.

You should pull out once she starts to squirt because she’s going to be experiencing some intense sensation.

Maya Jordan - Now Its Dark

Maya Jordan

It can happen again and again. You may want to invest in a mattress protector if you have a serious squirter.

She can help also by rubbing her clit while you finger fuck her rhythmically. She may be able to make herself squirt that way too.

Make sure to check out my new column next week for Now It’s Dark and I look forward to hearing from you!


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