Holiday Dessert Shots: Cocktails Anyone?

Holiday Dessert Shots: Cocktails Anyone?

After a Holiday meal, most people think that the best thing to do is eat dessert...And they are right. Sort of. The best thing to do after eating dinner is to DRINK dessert.
Here are some delicious holiday dessert shots to liven your night and satisfy your sweet tooth.
Holiday Dessert Shots - Grandmas Apple Pie

Grandma’s Apple Pie
Fill shaker with ice adding
• 1 1/4 oz Rumchata
• 1 1/4 oz Mcgillicuddy’s Apple Pie
Shake and strain
This IS just like biting into apple pie. Delicious!

Key Lime Pie
Fill shaker with ice adding
• 1 1/4 oz Pintacle Whipped Vodka
• 1 1/4 oz Roses lime
• 1 or 2 tablespoons sugar (to taste)
Shake and strain
You may pour ice and all into a glass adding whipped cream and lime wedge for the perfect key lime beverage.

Strawberry Shortcake
Fill shaker with ice adding
• 1 1/4 oz Three olive Marylin Monroe strawberry
Add white frost Gatorade to taste and strain.
You’ll be surprised how much this tastes like strawberry shortcake.

Cherry Pie
Add to shot glass
• 1 1/5 oz Cherry Piehole
Holding a spoon round side up pour 1/5 oz orange juice over spoon
• 1/4 oz grenadine over spoon
• 1 splash sour mix
Piehole can be found online. Ace Spirits sells this and many other Craft products you might find interesting to mix with.

Pecan Pie
Fill shaker with ice adding
• 1 1/4 oz Pecan Piehole
• 1/4 oz Captain Morgan black
• 1 dash bitters
• 1 splash sour mix
Shake and strain!

Chill martini glass adding ice and water. Set aside
Fill shaker with ice adding
• 3/4 oz Kahlua
Shake and strain into chilled glass.
Repeat process with 1 1/4 oz Bailey’s pouring over a spoon to keep layers.
Lightly cover with Grand Marnier
The perfect B52!

Now It’s Dark hopes you enjoy these recipes and the holidays!

DAnn Harris

DAnn writes reviews and contributes articles to NID Magazine.