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Label me Lecter Lives Up To The Name

Label me Lecter Lives Up To The Name

Up and coming hometown heroes, label me lecter and Booty&theKidd, each take on hip hop with an original mindset. While other contemporaries seem focused on mumbling their way to the top, these guys are striking chords with their lyrical mastery, and focus on conscious content.

Their style is coined as “Alternative Rap” and the Columbus community really seems to be getting behind it, as they came out in masses to see the respective debut performances on the A&R stage for both bands.

And while the A&R Music Bar is no joke, I can say without a doubt, it won’t be long before you see either of these names on bigger and brighter billboards.

Tyler Butts and Nick Reinmann, known as Booty&theKidd, opened up the evening with a set of veritable vocals that spoke true to their humble, introspective nature. Their self-produced, debut album released just about one month ago, and is a homegrown ode to their self-conscious pasts.

These guys are a bundle of hard hitting honesty and impulsive dance grooves wrapped in a Jay and Silent Bob aesthetic.

Authenticity is something that is often lost in today’s entertainment, and while the guys behind label me lecter, B. Yonest and Mike Rist, may wear masks, there is no shortage of honesty in their entertainment.

Every track on their debut album, “sirens x silence” exemplifies this perfectly.

B. illuminates his perspective on pop music, past mistakes, and personal growth all while being completely candid and self reflective.

Meanwhile, on the drums, Mike essentially nailed a 45 minute drum solo. It is rare to see a drummer play with so much passion and energy, so consistently throughout a set.

Between B. rapping and playing keys, Mike banging on the drums, and a pretty impressive stage production, everywhere you look on the stage, there is something going on.

A label me lecter show is truly a dynamic experience.

B.Yonest preaching the truth. Mike B.Yonest making a point.
Ben Goldfarb

Associate Editor Ben Goldfarb covers the nightlife, entertainment, and community scenes, writing articles, reviews, and contributing photography.