Late Night Service With Black Tiger Sex Machine

Late Night Service With Black Tiger Sex Machine

Black Tiger Sex Machine, BTSM for short, made yet another triumphant return to Columbus, filling Skully’s, this time bringing labelmates Kai Wachi and Dabin for support.

Brought by Chad Attak Smith of IGNYTE Events, this BTSM show was a borderline religious experience for all that attended, and we at NID were also there for the late night service.

Black Tiger Sex Machine at Skully's

For the un-indoctrinated few, Black Tiger Sex Machine is the electronic music brain child of Marc Chagnon, Julien Maranda, and Patrick Barry.

The trio not only produces their own tracks, but are the label heads of Kannibalen Records, the label responsible for bringing us Snails, LeKtriQue, and Apashe, among other heavy-hitting industry standards.

While BTSM’s studio produced tracks fall more in the electro, bass house genres, their live show is a whole other beast. A full spectrum of sound was on display including high pitched synth stabs and bass growls so loud and low that they actually seemed to crack a speaker midway through the night.

Black Tiger Sex Machine Kai Wachi at Skully's

Kai Wachi was one of the first artists I ever heard mix trap and dubstep stylings in such an explosive way. In fact, the first song of his that I ever heard, which coincidentally introduced me to another one of my favorite artists, Squnto, was Brain Splat.

This song exemplifies his style pretty well as it takes the heavy kicks and hip hop elements of trap and combines them with the varied rhythms and dark bass popular in dubstep.

The tightness and intricacies of his sounds and production have only gotten better – and heavier – if that is even possible.

Up next in the night was Dabin, who was strikingly good. The incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist played keys and electric guitar whilst also mixing. And as if that was not impressive enough, he managed to somehow take on Queen’s classic “We Will Rock You” and not ruin it.

His guitar solo embellishment to the crowd-pleasing hit would have either made Freddie roll over in his grave or come back to life dancing. I can’t speak for the legendary singer, but I have a feeling it would be the latter.

It was nearing 12:30 a.m. and the venue was completely packed by the time Black Tiger Sex Machine took to the stage.

Black Tiger Sex Machine at Skully's02

LED infused tiger helmets donned, the trio started off strong, and was relentless. They melded between genres seamlessly, and their visual production teetered between brilliance and insanity.

Danceable house beats blended into headbanging bass. I honestly can’t pick out a single moment that stood out to me, as the entirety of their set blended together into one incredibly fluid experience. It was dark and gritty when it needed to be, and beautifully happy and energetic the next.

Truly a moving, late night service.

Black Tiger Sex Machine at Skully's03

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