Mon Cherie Presents Thriller 'Bad' Burlesque At Shrunken Head

Mon Cherie Presents Thriller 'Bad' Burlesque At Shrunken Head

Mon Cherie Entertainment and Gentleman Ayers Entertainment presented a thrilling ‘Bad’ Burlesque Tribute to Michael Jackson show recently at the Shrunken Head.

The performance featured Cherie Blondell, Devon Ayers, Pandora Foxx, Betty LeRoux, Jay Vera, Special K, Vivianna Jones, and Janaan Al Jahanni, engaged in a salute to the King of Pop … with boobies.

Now, if you’ve read my writings before (and if not, dammit, why haven’t you?), you’ll know I have a special place in my heart for burlesque. It’s artistic, it’s beautiful and it’s entertaining. And, did I mention boobies?

No, really, the thing I like about burlesque is that it’s not really even about the boobs. It’s about the art of seduction, the art of the tease. I mean, they don’t call it strip tease for nothing now, do they? While most burlesque that I’ve seen is a single performer doing their thing, this show was something different. Because it was a tribute to the great MJ, there was a lot more “stuff.”

The night started out with Burlesque Trivia. So, when I first read about that, I was thinking, “Will this be like strip trivia where I have to take off a piece of clothing if I’m wrong? If so, I was way under-dressed.” But, no, of course, I was wrong. People in the crowd were broken into teams, then asked a series of questions about Michael (duh). After each round, points were added up and the winning team got to select which artist, hidden behind a curtain, would entertain us. So, in reality, we all kinda won.

The first artist selected was Cherie Blondell, who I must single out as a true star, and a quintessential Marilyn Monroe throwback. This fine woman so resembled Marilyn that I expected her to pull out a bottle of pills and sing happy birthday to us. Through this first part, questions were answered, Blondell performed and there were smiles all around. Once that was over, the tribute show began.

While the choreography in burlesque is always extravagant, it was something special for this show. Multiple performers graced the stage and acted out various Michael Jackson videos and performances.

Here is where I have to shout out Devon Ayers, drag king extraordinaire. Devon has an amazing style and stood out to me throughout the whole performance. To rip off something that Erik Tait, the host, suggested, you look and you start to question your own sexuality, then you realize Devin’s a girl so, yeah, you’re all good.

To me, the highlight performance was the reenacting of the Bad video, bringing the whole cast out for an awesome dance performance.

The only thing I felt was missing was Dirty Dianna. Now, I know it’s probably cliche, but, yeah, it’s a burlesque show so it seemed to me that it was a missed opportunity.

This is a minor nit, though, because the entire show was entertaining and the performers truly rocked it.

Robert Berry

Robert Berry writes reviews, articles and contributes photography for NID Magazine and can be reached at [email protected]