North Market Apron Gala Draws Foodies Together For A Cause

North Market Apron Gala Draws Foodies Together For A Cause

The recent 2016 North Market Apron Gala brought food connoisseurs together for a cause, featuring music, drinks, and a three-course dining experience, benefiting the non-profit North Market Development Authority.

North Market Apron Gala 2016 crowd

Being hungry, quickly finding available parking in the Short North might be a daunting mission for some — unless you are Now It’s Dark, rolling in with VIP passes.

Of course, many called a Yellow Cab, operated by my friend Morgan Kauffman, who celebrated his birthday at the North Market Apron Gala, while his lovely wife was sweeping it all up at the silent auction.

Local celebrity Jenni Britton Bauer, adorned in a smart white outfit, greeted a healthy line of participants waiting to taste her very Splendid Ice Cream creations.

North Market Apron Gala 2016 Jeni Britton Bauer

Jeni Britton Bauer

Also in attendance was former Mayor Michael Coleman, bringing his still-substantial charm into play for the event, especially our NID cameras.

North Market Apron Gala 2016 Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman

We had a nice conversation with North Market Board of Directors VP Jeff Pongonis about how many local ventures are kept alive via fundraisers like the Apron Gala, in partnership with Columbus city representatives.

North Market Apron Gala 2016 Jeff Pongonis Nicole Zeta Pongonis

Jeff Pongonis, Nicole Zeta Pongonis

North Market Executive Director Rick Harrison Wolfe kept busy speaking with guests, and sharing stories with us.

North Market Apron Gala 2016 Rick Harrison Wolfe Ria Greiff

Rick Harrison Wolfe, Ria Greiff

Columbus Metropolitan Library Director of Marketing Gregg Dodd …

North Market Apron Gala 2016 Gregg Dodd Ria Greiff

Gregg Dodd, Ria Greiff

… and Centric Consulting IT Consultant Morgan Howard enjoyed the gala’s fine appetizers …

North Market Apron Gala 2016 Morgan Howard

Morgan Howard

… while conversing with Vicki Bowen Hughes, providing empowering wardrobe for women seeking economic independence.

North Market Apron Gala 2016 Vicki Bowen Hughes

Vicki Bowen Hughes

The North Market Apron Gala was packed ….

… the food and drink options were palpably exquisite, representing all of the amazing delicacies provided by Short North Market merchants.

There were many culinary dishes to experience amidst great presentations, and live music from For Those About to Dock, and DJ Patrick.

It was easy to get lost in the sea of folks milling about and enjoying their samplings.

Some of our faves were the elegant stylings from Watershed, the pastries of desire from Destination Donuts, and locally sourced pig and potato from Market and Boar.

Presented by Huntington, the 20th Annual Apron Gala ended with a satisfied, satiated exit into the Columbus night.

North Market Apron Gala 2016 guest 3

Tomorrow will come, but make sure to take time to enjoy events like this whenever you can, people.

North Market Apron Gala 2016 Eric Harter Kristie Rhodes

Eric Harter, Kristie Rhodes

Until next year. Make sure you get your North Market Apron Gala tickets before they are sold out.

Life is short but Now It’s Dark nightlife can make it longer.