Party Thieves Steal The Show

Party Thieves Steal The Show

This season, I am grateful for many things. My work takes me to a lot of different places, giving me the opportunity to hear and see a lot of new music, as well as meet some very interesting people.

Continuing to give credit, I’d like to thank Live Peerless and Prime Social Group for bringing Party Thieves to Dahlia

For those uninitiated, Party Thieves (Jared McFarlin) is a solo artist reigning from New York, whose take on trap music is stealing more than just the party — It’s stealing hearts as well.

McFarlin uses a lot of traditional samples alongside some crunchy bass, and powerful claps. If you are looking to turn up, turn no further. Do yourself a favor, and look up Party Thieves.

My own personal recommendation would be to tune in to his collab with ATLiens called “Chief.”

It is a driving drum rhythm track littered with the ATLiens trademark gibberish vocals that eventually drops into some hard hitting bass and lasers-like sounds. It is truly out of this world. Give it a listen for yourself, and let me know what you think.

If you are looking for something even more experimental, check out his tune “House Party” with QUIX. It features hollow tin drums, and a dark gritty tone.

These two tracks, I feel, illuminate the range of sounds Party Thieves was able to demonstrate during his live set.

There was a healthy mix of originals as well as some contemporary hip-hop samples, and even a Skrillex track or two made its way into the soundtrack for the night.

Support for the night included DJ B-Rob and resident extraordinaire Corrupt who, as usual, threw down a powerful set.

Ben Goldfarb

Associate Editor Ben Goldfarb covers the nightlife, entertainment, and community scenes, writing articles, reviews, and contributing photography.