Paul Van Dyk 'Trances' Dahlia

Paul Van Dyk 'Trances' Dahlia

German born producer, DJ, and musician Paul van Dyk is no stranger to the dance floor. He has been at the top of his game for the last decade, landing himself the title of best DJ in DJ Magazine’s list ‘Top 100 Djs’ in 2006, and remaining in the top 20 over the last decade.

Van Dyk has also been nominated for best trance DJ at the DJ Awards in Ibiza on thirteen separate occasions, though he only took home the top prize in 2006.  He also received a Grammy for his work on the soundtrack for “The Dark Night.”

Paul Van Dyk has consistently been releasing records for the past 20 years, and shows no real signs of stopping. While he hasn’t taken home many awards recently, he continues to produce world class trance music. He is an unstoppable powerhouse and by no coincidence, so are his live sets.

Brought by Prime Social Group and Peerless Management, Paul Van Dyk immediately entranced the Dahlia crowd after taking the stage. A steady drum beat pulsed with the bass, as airy synths soared overhead. The range of songs he played encompassed so many tones and emotions. To say the set was dynamic would be an understatement.

The high energy hits, hit incredibly hard. 

At times, it almost seemed like his singles wouldn’t stop — like I was going to be stuck under the spell of the rhythm, and dance myself to death — that would be the end of it.

Luckily, every time we needed it, Van Dyk released the crowd from his grasp, giving us a much needed breather by playing some of his more down tempo trance tracks.

The beautiful vocals and twinkling synths were euphoric. While it allowed us a respite, Van Dyk still never let us lose focus. He seemed to know what the crowd needed well before they knew it themselves … I guess that is the kind of skill and awareness it takes to be one of the world’s best DJ’s.

Light shining through the crowd. Railriding for Paul Van Dyk Well hello there...
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