Reinvention And Reimagination With Seven Lions

Reinvention And Reimagination With Seven Lions

There is nothing quite like a Seven Lions performance. Most of the time you go to a show, and you know what to expect. You get a DJ mixing tracks under some laser lights, and there is maybe a fog machine (if you are lucky) … and there is nothing inherently wrong with that.

The scene started under those conditions — sweaty, underground parties thrown on almost no budget. Those were the pioneering feats provoking the electronic empire we currently know and love.

Sometimes, however, you encounter something vastly different that reinvents and reimagines what it means to make art in a genre often ridiculed for being oversaturated with mindless media. Seven Lions is the bastion of that deviation.

Amidst a stage littered with 3D mapped projection screens, Seven Lions’ Jeff Montalvo played a diverse range of tracks, some felt a bit more trance influenced, others a bit more house.

But in the end, Seven Lions iconic melodic dubstep sound reigned supreme.

It is hard to say what was better, the visuals or the music. Projectors blasted vibrant imagery of earth, space, and everything in between.

… The All-seeing Eye of Sauron even made a cameo.

In compliment to the fanciful production was the equally imaginative sound. Drawing inspiration from folk, metal, and brilliance, Seven Lions expertly sculpts an all-encompassing landscape of sound for the imagination to dwell.

His sets are less a listing of tracks, and more a thoughtful progression of emotion, dynamically navigating through the entire spectrum of human existence.

I would be remiss not to mention that none of this incredible night would have been possible without the wonderful support of Pegboard Nerds and Unlike Pluto. Each threw down incredible sets.

A big thanks as well to the amazing staff at Bogarts, and a healthy shoutout to Maggie Curtis at Live Nation.

Seven Lions at Bogart's. Getting down with Seven Lions Adieu to you.
Ben Goldfarb

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