Scarlet and Grey Cafe: Melted Mondays provides eclectic mix

Scarlet and Grey Cafe: Melted Mondays provides eclectic mix

Now It’s Dark hit the Scarlet and Grey Cafe recently, attending both the last Melted Monday of 2014 and the first Melted Monday of 2015.

These parties were not highly attended, likely due to people gearing up for respective parties Dec. 29 and the subsequent snowstorm Jan. 5. Despite all that, from what I can tell, there was solid entertainment offered both nights, kicked off by Melted Monday resident DJ Trauma Kidd, who always puts on a good show. The secret to his success likely being his use of different types of electronic music to bring the party to life. Whether it’s Trip-hop, Trance, Trap or Hardcore, Trauma Kidd refuses to be limited by a single genre.

Dec. 29 was a rough night for Melted Monday, as I imagine happens to any weekly event from time to time, not to mention the fact that it’s hard to get Columbus to do much of anything on a Monday.

The sound system was bumping and there was a cool light rig design, but the college kids were out of town and everyone else in the city wasn’t going out, in anticipation for New Years. Despite all of this, the DJs brought down the house with an unusual mix of trap, house, dub-step and drum and bass.  Trauma Kidd kicked it off with his eclectic mix of beats, followed on the table by Lord Business, who brought it hard, kicking up the pace a bit which started to get people moving. After Lord Business, Party Mcfly took the stage, who is making some waves in the local scene with his biweekly event Livewire, taking place every other Thursday at Shadowbox Live. Not only is he a successful promoter, his mixing has garnered him a gaggle of local fans who will come to the dance floor when he’s on the decks. Melted Monday Co-resident DJ Ordinary Funkin People closed out the night, putting on a great show for the people who hung out.

It was little better on Jan. 5. I arrived in time to see Trauma Kidd working to boost the intensity of the party with a good mix, spanning five decades, countless genres, sewn together with seamless transitions. Despite the fact that there were very few people there, I really enjoyed the set he laid down.

Toad Nuggz came up second while people were starting to arrive — attendance likely peaked during his set, with the snow yet to come, the party was finally starting to warm up. Burgle came at midnight, along with the dreaded snowstorm. While many people were transfixed by the precipitation, Burgle pulled them back into the party as best he could with a solid set. The night was capped off by Alex and Paul, with their unique mix of Trap and Trance — they really stir things up wherever they go.

These two nights had potential, a chill venue and awesome entertainment. Two elements that you’d think is all you’d need!  Columbus owns a thriving nightlife scene — Is there anything that can be done to get this city out on a Monday evening?

Eli Rousculp

Eli Rousculp writes reviews, articles and photographs for NID Magazine.