Thrash Master Barely Alive Stomps Skully's

Thrash Master Barely Alive Stomps Skully's

Last night, thrash master Barely Alive decimated the Skully’s dance floor with the most aggressive sounds this side of the abyss. The crowd stomped and banged their heads in unison, drop after drop until the lights came up at two. We were left feeling pretty sweaty, grimy, and very much alive. 

NID was treated to a plethora of heavy hitting tracks. From dubstep to drum and bass, Excision to Kursa, as well as a delightful bit of Hall & Oates. There were light shows put on by glovers, and demonstrations of flow put on by poi spinners and hoopers alike. There was even an old fashion mosh pit which would have made my middle-school self’s angsty heart warm.

Jonomatic, an up and coming local DJ, opened the night, with some aggressive trap music, lubing the crowd.

Pot Pocket has been working the region for a few years now, one of the first DJs to represent the UK Hardcore style that is slowly gaining prominence in the states. He put up a really cool set, with one particularly awesome mix using the song “Bang, Bang.”

Attak was on point, as was to be expected. This former Columbus resident has been working in Detroit, and doesn’t make it back around Columbus too often. We were glad we were able to check out his set, and hear how he’s progressed since moving to the Motor City.

We’re Not Friends came out as the room was filling up. This duo came out hot and didn’t let up until it was time for Barely Alive.

Big shoutout to VJ Vendetta for supplying the incredible visuals for the night. Absolutely killer.

Thank you to Ignyte Events for making this show happen.

The Barely Alive crowd. Attak spinning. Bre Kay flowing. Megan Lewis gloving for new friends Potpocket playing Hardstyle. Peace on the patio.
Ben Goldfarb

Associate Editor Ben Goldfarb covers the nightlife, entertainment, and community scenes, writing articles, reviews, and contributing photography.