Winter Music Festival In South Beach, Miami

Winter Music Festival In South Beach, Miami

The end of Winter heralds the return of hundreds of thousands of clubbers, promoters, DJs, record companies, dancers and nightlifers from around the world to a tiny stretch of white sand in Miami, Florida.  They show up to gauge the pulse of the Electronica Scene, to party until exhaustion, and to master the rythyms of music:  Niki Beach, Opium, The Delano, Deep Dish @ Space, Danny Tanaglia’s 12 hour-sets, Paul Oakenfold @ Cro-bar  and the massive pool parties.  The best in the world sail these waters…and of course, we were there to capture every waking moment for all to see. Not only did we bring back beautiful color images of the nicest people, the fattest djs, and the greatest memories…but we left a path, forever burnt into the ground known as South Beach.  An awe came over us as we embraced the night closer to our midwestern bodies — we knew that we’d definitely return ready to dance, ready to party, and ready to live our dreams. – J.J.

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