Word Church A Call To Action For Artists

Word Church A Call To Action For Artists

It’s time for Word Church. Around 9 p.m. on the last Wednesday of each month you can find a packed house of writers, artists, and musicians hanging out at Rambling House Soda Pop on E. Hudson Street, just waiting for the lights to flicker, and be called up to read. The drinks flow, and the people are lively, ready to inspire others with their poetry and music.

Word Church started as a one-time event at Brothers Drake in the Short North a few years ago, and has grown into a monthly night of words, which patrons and poets look forward to every month.

Dawn McCombs, owner of Glean in the Short North comes often, and has starting reading too. “Readers come from all walks of life, and you find that you are home, and the people that you meet there become your family for that night,” McCombs said.

Word Church is an experimental and welcoming place where writers can come with work in progress, or avant-garde ideas or music to share. It’s a place to feel free to practice and try something new. The love is thick in this room. It’s also a place to be inspired, and blown across the room by the incredible talent of Columbus.

We’ve been blessed by award winning poets and musicians like Maggie Smith-Beehler, Lydia Loveless, Lizard Mcgee, Nathan Moore, Nancy Kangas, Mike Wright, and Rachel Wiley to name just a few. It’s a place where you may find yourself holding your breath because it’s just that intense and moving.

We’re always looking for new readers, and new listeners. We love that people feel at home at Word Church, and that connections are always made when we get our words together. There have been lots of videos, speaking engagements, and wild projects born from these nights spent together.

It’s a mid-week adventure fueled by words. It will make you want to raise your hands.

You’ll go to work on Thursday feeling the spirit of creativity. And if you read five times at Word Church, you get biker patch that announces to the world you are in fact, a poet.

Come on in!

Select photography contributed by Nathan Bielski

The spoken word experience. Artists collaborating on a new missive. Listen to the words of enlightenment. The joy in real communication.
Amy Turn Sharp

Amy Turn Sharp writes reviews and articles for NID Magazine, and is an accomplished poet in the Columbus community.